Directions to the Department of Physics and Astronomy:

If you are driving, you can use Northwestern's directions to Evanston, or click on this link [Google Map] for directions from O'Hare to the Physics and Astronomy Department

From O'Hare International Airport to Evanston: the drive takes 35-50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather.

Taxi service: I recommend American Taxi to Evanston.

Call their automated dispatch service (+1 847 673-1000) after your arrival at the airport, and after you have collected your checked bags. The dispatch service will give you the taxicab number and direct you to the exit door on the baggage claim level. Meet the taxi at the arrival level (lower level) in the second lane across from the last door of your terminal (toward your right when exiting). The fare to Evanston is a flat rate of $31 for one person. Recommended tip is $5 for good service. It typically takes 5-10 minutes for the taxi to arrive at the airport pick up location.

Tell the driver to take you to the Technological Institute (TECH) at Northwestern University in Evanston — 2145 Sheridan Road. The Tech Institute is a large Prairie-style building made of white stone.  It lies along the east side of Sheridan Road, directly across from a parking lot that occupies the block between Noyes St. and Haven St. [If the driver needs additional coordinates (unlikely), we are 3.5 blocks south of Lincoln St. and 5 blocks north of Emerson St.]

Physics is in the "F" Wing.  Physics department offices are on the first floor of F-wing (Southwest Corner). Enter through the main entrance of the Institute, or through the side door on the right side of the plaza (Click here for a map of the Tech wings.)

WarningDO NOT HAIL A CHICAGO TAXI. The fare to Evanston from O'Hare for the regular Chicago city cab can be as high as $70. The drivers do not know the Evanston area, and it is legal for Chicago city cabs to multiply the meter rate by 150% if they go to Evanston.

Parking near Tech Institute:
Parking on campus requires a daily parking permit. If you are driving and need to park on campus the department will send you a parking permit(s) in advance of your visit. Request a permit from the department, provide your mailing address and dates of your visit [click here or call the Department office: +1 847 491-3685].

There are several parking lots within two blocks of the Physics department. The closest lot is on the West side of Sheridan across from the Technological Institute. If you arrive after 9:30 this lot may be full. Additional lots are located just north and south of Noyes street. [Sketch of local Parking] The parking garage on N. Campus Dr. accessible from Lincoln Avenue is the last resort if local lots are full.

More Resources:

From Midway Airport to Evanston: Select O'Hare if you possibly can.

  • A taxi from Midway takes about an hour, and costs about $55.
  • Public transit: Take the Orange Line from Midway to downtown.  Then take the Red Line to Howard Street, and switch over to the Purple line to get from Howard Street to Noyes Street, close by the University.
  • Save some time by taking the Orange Line from Midway to downtown, then getting off at the Randolph and Wabash Street station where there's a cab stand.  Take a $20 cab ride from downtown to Evanston.

Last Updated April 2015