Condensed Matter Seminar Series


Welcome to the homepage for the Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Northwestern University. The Condensed Matter Seminar Series highlights a broad range of current research in experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, including interdisciplinary research involving hard and soft condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical sciences, and materials science. During the academic year the seminar meets weekly on Thursday afternoon at 4 pm in the Physics and Astronomy Department conference room, F235 in the Technological Institute, 2145 Sheridan Road on the Evanston Campus.

September 30 Professor Anupam Garg
Northwestern University
CMP Group Collective Relaxation of Magnetization in Single Molecule Magnets
October 7 Professor Vinay Ambegaokar
LASSP, Cornell University
J. A. Sauls Dissipative Quantum Oscillator
October 14 Professor H. Srikanth
University of Southern Florida
Venkat Chandrasekhar Magnetism in Hybrid Nanostructures and Complex Oxides
October 21 Professor Jeevak Parpia
LASSP, Cornell University
Bill Halperin Elastic and Dissipative mysteries - experiments on glasses at low temperatures
October 28 Dr. Olle Heinonen
Argonne National Laboratory
John Ketterson Spin torque in magnetic tunnel junctions
November 4 Dr. Scott Papp
Brian Odom Entanglement of spin waves among four quantum memories
November 11 Professor David Schuster
University of Chicago
Jens Koch Hybrid Quantum Information Processing with Circuit QED
November 18 Dr. Matthias Graf
Los Alamos National Laboratory
J. A. Sauls Is Helium-4 a supersolid or quantum glass?
December 2 Professor Irinel Chiorescu
Florida State University and NHFML
Anupam Garg Photon manipulation of spins and sensitive detection by on-chip methods