Condensed Matter Seminar Series


Welcome to the homepage for the Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Northwestern University. The Condensed Matter Seminar Series highlights a broad range of current research in experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, including interdisciplinary research involving hard and soft condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical sciences, and materials science. During the academic year the seminar meets weekly on Thursday afternoon at 4 pm in the Physics and Astronomy Department conference room, F160 (new conference room) in the Technological Institute, 2145 Sheridan Road on the Evanston Campus.

September 27 Dr. Shixiong Zhang
University of Indiana
Lincoln Lahoun Magneto-transport Studies of 3-dimensional Topological Insulators and Spintronic Nano-devices
October 11 Professor J. A. Sauls
Northwestern University
CMP Group Chiral Order in an Anisotropic Glass
October 18
Special Time & Place: 4:15 pm, Tech LR4
Dr. Kimitoshi Kono
Advanced Sciences Institute, RIKEN
J. A. Sauls Strong Microwave Excitation and Negative Resistance States
November 1 Professor Mark Dykman
Michigan State University
Jens Koch Ripplonic Lamb Shift for Electrons on Helium Surface
November 8 Professor Takeshi Mizushima
Okayama University & Northwestern University
J. A. Sauls Symmetry protected topological order and spin susceptibility in superfluid 3He-B
November 15 Professor Hui Deng
University of Michigan
J. B. Ketterson Macroscopic Quantum States of Matter and Light - Microcavity Polariton Condensation and Beyond
November 16
Special Seminar - Friday, 11:00 am, Room F160
Dr. Manuel Houzet
CEA, Grenoble
J. A. Sauls Topological Josephson junctions out of equilibrium
November 29 Professor Anupam Garg
Northwestern University
CMT Group A new spin on Weyl, Wigner, and Moyal
December 4
Special Seminar - Tuesday, 4:00 pm, Room F160
Dr. Eric Bauer
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bill Halperin Discovery of Heavy Fermion Superconductors PuRhIn5 and PuCoIn5: Probing the Origin of Superconductivity at 18.5 K in PuCoGa5