Condensed Matter Seminar Series


Welcome to the homepage for the Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Northwestern University. The Condensed Matter Seminar Series highlights a broad range of current research in experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, including interdisciplinary research involving hard and soft condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical sciences, and materials science. During the academic year the seminar meets weekly on Thursday afternoon at 4 pm in the Physics and Astronomy Department conference room, F235 in the Technological Institute, 2145 Sheridan Road on the Evanston Campus.

January 27 Dr. Jing Xia
California Institute of Technology
John Ketterson Topological phases and their competition with symmetry-breaking orders
February 3 Dr. Rolando Aguliar
Johns Hopkins University
February 9
Special Seminar
Dr. Jie Lin
Argronne National Laboratory
Jens Koch Spin-density waves in the cuprate high-temperature superconductors
Wednesday @ 1:00 pm, Dearborn Rm. 23
February 9
Special Seminar
Dr. Rolando Aguliar
Johns Hopkins University
Prem Kumar Terahertz spectroscopy of complex quantum matter
Wednesday @ 4:00 pm, Tech F235
February 10 Dr. David Ferguson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jim Sauls Half-Quantum Vortices and Domain walls in Triplet Superconductors
Special Time: 2:30 pm, Tech F235
February 17 Professor Alex Seidel
Washington University - St. Louis
Jens Koch The bare essentials of topological orders in fractional quantum Hall liquids
February 24 Professor Dirk Morr
University of Illinois at Chicago
Bill Halperin Quantum Interference, Hidden Order and Defects in Heavy-Fermion Materials
March 3 Dr. Feifei Li
Northwestern University
Anupam Garg Scrambling the electrons, quantum physics in low dimension
March 10 Professor Yoonseok Lee
University of Florida
Bill Halperin Unusual effects of aerogel on liquid 3He
March 17 Professor Morten Eskildsen
Notre Dame University
Bill Halperin Vortex lattice studies in Sr2RuO4 for magnetic fields along the a-axis