Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Northwestern is headed by faculty pursuing fundamental research ranging from foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum theory of matter and fields, quantum phase transitions to condensed matter realizations of quantum simulators and quantum devices for quantum information processing, storage and computation.
Anupam Garg [ webpage ]

PhD, Cornell University
Anupam Garg's current research centers around quantum phenomena involving the orientational degree of freedom of spin angular momentum. Current projects include the formalism of spin coherent-state path integrals and spin semiclassics, and the collective relaxational dynamics of spins in molecular solids of single-molecule magnets.

Selected Publications: [arxiv]

  • Phonon diffraction and dimensionality crossover in phonon-interface scattering, Riley Hanus, Anupam Garg, G. Jeff Snyder, Communications Phys. submitted, (2018).
  • Low Temperature Magnetization Dynamics of Molecular Solids in a Swept Field, Eric Lenferink, Avinash Vijayaraghavan, and Anupam Garg, Ann. Phy. 356, 37-56 (2015) [doi].
Pallab Goswami [ webpage ]

Assistant Professor
Pallab Goswami is currently working on theory of topological phases of matter, competing orders, topological defects, quantum phase transitions, and strongly interacting gapless states without a quasiparticle description. He is also collaborating with experimentalists to search for topological phases in strongly correlated materials.

Selected Publications: [arxiv]

  • Metallic phases from disordered (2+1)-dimensional quantum electrodynamics, P. Goswami, H. Goldman, and S. Raghu, Phys. Rev. B 95, 23145 (2017) [doi].
  • Dynamic zero modes of Dirac fermions and competing singlet phases of antiferromagnetic order, P. Goswami and Q. Si, Phys. Rev. B 95, 224438 (2017) [doi].
Jens Koch [webpage]

Associate Professor
PhD, Freie Universität Berlin
Jens Koch's research currently focuses on the theory of interacting photons in circuit QED arrays, their nonequilibrium steady-states, dissipative phase transitions, open-system quantum simulation, and on new mechanisms for enhancing quantum coherence in superconducting qubits by intrinsic quantum error protection.

Selected Publications: [arxiv]

  • On-chip quantum simulation with superconducting circuits, A. A. Houck, H. E. Türeci, and J. Koch, Nat.Phys. 8, 292 (2012) [doi].
  • Resummation for Nonequilibrium Perturbation Theory and Application to Open Quantum Lattices, Andy C. Y. Li, F. Petruccione and Jens Koch, Phys. Rev. X 6, 021037 (2016) [doi].
James Sauls [webpage]

PhD, SUNY Stony Brook
James Sauls' research is focussed on investigations of phases of condensed matter that derive from spontaneous symmetry breaking, including topological phases of superfluid 3He [CMT]. Sauls' research group also works on nonequilibrium properties of superconductors with applications to particle accelerators, spintronics and quantum information [CAPST].

Selected Publications: [arxiv]

  • Chiral Higgs Mode in Nematic Superconductors, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 237001, 2019,
    H. Uematsu, T. Mizushima, A. Tsuruta, S. Fujimoto and J. A. Sauls [doi].
  • Impurity-Induced Anomalous Thermal Hall Effect in Chiral Superconductors Phys. Rev. Lett. (sub.) 2020
    V. Ngampruetikorn and J. A. Sauls. [arXiv].
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